Charles A. Laughlin founded Charlie's A/C in 1983, in Deweyville, Texas. In 1989, he made the decision to open a second location in DeQuincy, Louisiana, where he and he wife relocated, establishing DeQuincy A/C. In May of 2007, unexpected medical problems forced Charles to retire. His son, Charlie Laughlin, then took ownership of the business, changing the name to Charlie's DeQuincy A/C & Heating Services. Currently, Charlie is the owner & operator, and the business has been located in DeQuincy for over 22 years. Charlie's DeQuincy A/C & Heating Services provides service to DeQuincy, Louisiana and the surrounding areas, as well as Southeast Texas.

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Charlie has a heart for the people of DeQuincy, sponsoring churches, children's groups, sports teams, The City of DeQuincy, and various other charity organizations. He is very thankful to the city of DeQuincy for making the changing of ownership between father to son, such a smooth transition, and for embracing him as he continues to serve the people of DeQuincy and the surrounding areas.

We also offer any brand you prefer if requested.